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Terraseeding can be simply described as Seeding with Soil.  Technically it is the calibrated incorporation of seed mixed into the compost material during the blowing-in application process.  MulchWorx has this capability with their high-tech Express Blower trucks.  This type of seeding process should not be confused with Hydro Seeding, (The bright green paper stuff they spray on the hard surface of the ground).


 The MulchWorx Terraseeding process blows in high quality composted soil and also plants seed, fertilizer, and a natural polymer in that soil.  The natural polymer holds 300 times its weight in water, binds the soil together, reduces wash out, reduces watering tremendously, and stays in the soil for up to eight years.  This awesome method does what others cannot by creating a perfect seed bed incorporating seed to soil contact in a smooth one step blown-in process. Terraseeding is cheaper than sod and cost more than conventional seeding but you are getting more for your money.  With this technology you can have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood.  Just water and enjoy.


Terraseeding process being blown-in

Finished product installed.

2 weeks after application

Other Terraseeding Benefits:

        Seed is “planted” not sprayed on top thus reducing exposure to the elements and wildlife

        Increases seed germination

        Improves turf quality

        Gives the lawn increased resistance to environmental stress

        Blown-in process levels the terrain and grade with a smooth finished fortified soil

        No big heavy equipment on lawn

        Most jobs are completed in a few hours

        Customer gets choice of seed selection

        Increases organic matter in soil

        Supplies plant nutrients and increases ability of soil to retain and release nutrients

        Increases water holding capacity of soil

        Improves turf root system


What Does This Mean For Your Lawn?

        Less watering, especially in drought conditions

        Less dependency on pesticides and fertilizer

        Decreased compaction, which is considered a leading cause of turfgrass failure

        Increased turf vigor and darker color


One week after application

2 weeks different angle

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