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Blown In Mulch Installation

MulchWorx is a Fort Wayne area family owned business serving Indiana’s need for quality installation of mulch, rock, soil, and lawn installation/renovation with a process called Terraseeding.  MulchWorx uses a high-tech blower truck to apply and install all varieties of mulches and other organics in almost any area or terrain quickly and cost effectively.  Jobs that used to take days with conventional methods now can be done in just minutes or hours. 





Because of the mulch blowing process, uniform and precise application of mulch is possible.  Properties will look better and have a smooth finished look, which is not possible with conventional methods.  Customers no longer have to deal with sore backs and long days of physical labor in order to get their properties to look beautiful and free of weeds.  Customers no longer have to look at huge piles of mulch on their driveways with the possibility of staining their driveway. Our blower truck is able to install landscape products almost anywhere you want, quickly and easily.  Material is brought on a MulchWorx 60 yard capacity truck through a 4” hose to a distance of up to and over 600 feet with a 5-yard order minimum.  MulchWorx also has the ability to install and renovate lawns with its unbelievable Terraseeding process.  Now we can blow  in composted soil with seed, fertilizer, and a natural polymer injected (planted) in it, and you will have one of the highest quality high-end lawns available today.  MulchWorx is your answer to your landscape maintenance and lawn installation needs.  Call us today!

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