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Lawn Renovation


MulchWorx has the ability to offer customers a system of reseeding their lawns without the complications of conventional methods.  Many of today’s new homebuilders cut costs by installing cheap low cost lawns with conventional seeding processes.  Many homeowners soon realize that their lawns need a lot of work in order to meet quality expectations.  Where do you go for help and what process is best?  MulchWorx Terraseeding process is not only the best process a customer can choose, but also it is also highly adaptable to the types of issues or problems a customer’s lawn is facing.  Customers may have a lawn with issues such as problem weeds; bad grass types, thin texture, soil compaction, ruts, washouts, bare spots, uneven sections, thatch, or many other damages.  MulchWorx can correct these problems with their one step Terraseeding system.  MulchWorx blows soil with seed, fertilizer, and a natural polymer planted in that soil right over the existing lawn.  Once again there is no big heavy equipment on the lawn and it can be completed in just a few hours.

The Terraseeding system used on existing lawns has many of the same qualities and benefits described under (Terraseeding) on this web site.  There are other options when dealing with renovating vs. new seeding.  If the lawn is beyond repair and highly problematic, spraying and killing the lawn may be needed before proceeding with Terraseeding.  If the lawn is good in some areas and problematic in others, a thin layer of Terraseeding can be applied in those areas to boost lawn growth and a heavier application in the more critical areas.  This type of diversity with the Terraseeding system when renovation is needed is the answer for customers that demand the best.  MulchWorx also highly recommends core aeration before seeding for better soil amendment and rooting.

Other benefits of renovation with the Terraseeding process include


        Seed is “planted” not sprayed on top thus reducing exposure to the elements and wildlife

        Increases seed germination

        Improves turf quality

        Gives the lawn increased resistance to environmental stress

        Blown-in process levels the terrain and grade with a smooth finished fortified soil

        No big heavy equipment on lawn

        Most jobs are completed in a few hours

        Customer gets choice of seed selection

        Increases organic matter in soil

        Supplies plant nutrients and increases ability of soil to retain and release nutrients

        Increases water holding capacity of soil

        Improves turf root system

        Reduces soil compaction

        Eliminates thatch


What does this a mean for your lawn?

  • Your problematic lawn will be corrected forever in just a few hours
  • Healthier, more organic soil
  • Decreased compaction, which is considered a leading cause of turfgrass failure


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