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The Owner

Gary Morrical is the owner and president of MulchWorx has over 5 years experience in the landscape industry.

The MulchWorx team will help you evaluate different products and services to help you save time and money.

The MulchWorx mulch trucks are high-tech and totally automated vehicles.  The truck operator has remote control of the truck and all of its functions.  What does this mean to you the customer?  It means that the operator can adjust to various obsticles and conditions to properly install mulch around any object or plant.  From small jobs to large ones, MulchWorx has you covered.



Our Trucks:

Here are some pictures of the MulchWorx trucks and blowing process in action.



Grand Wayne Center Project in Fort Wayne

MulchWorx Professional Blown Mulch Installation
P.O. Box 15625
Fort Wayne, IN  46885
(260) 490-9838