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MulchWorx has the capability of blowing-in many different types of mulch materials into landscape beds, building sites, and just about anywhere your imagination takes you.  Our ability to bring up to 60 yards of material to a job site, spray up to or over 600’ in distance and control all functions with a remote control, gives us the ability to handle your most demanding mulching needs.  MulchWorx provides services under four main categories:


New Construction Installation:


Mulching of new beds and landscapes in new construction sites is a service that MulchWorx has diligently been servicing in Indiana.  Our ability to quickly and effectively handle even the largest projects makes MulchWorx a top choice in servicing new landscapes.  Rather than using slow traditional methods of dump and move techniques, MulchWorx easily blows-in the mulch quickly while not disturbing the rest of the project.  MulchWorx currently is working with homeowners as well as subcontracting to many of the top landscapers in Indiana to provide them with a mulching service that is efficient and cost effective.  


Mulch Maintenance:


MulchWorx has the answer to the tedious process of continually maintaining your beautifully mulched landscapes.  With our high-tech process MulchWorx appeals to those homeowners and landscapers who appreciate the efficient, cost effective, non-destructive, clean method of applying mulch to those existing mulched landscaped areas.  Our blower trucks have to ability to meet even the most extreme needs of our customers.  If you are a homeowner and currently use a landscaper, ask them to use us in conjunction with the other services they provide to further enhance your property.


Playground Surfaces:


There is no faster more effective way to apply the right surface (mulch) to a play ground then by using MulchWorx.  We strive to provide Municipal Park/Private Park managers with the service they need to quickly and cost effectively re-surface a playground in less time and at a significant cost savings.  We can blow-in certified or non-certified material even while the playground is been used!  No disruption means happy families.


Indoor or Rooftop landscapes:


How would you get the right materials to indoor or rooftop landscapes?  One answer,  MulchWorx!  We have the ability to services even the most difficult areas with ease.  We have even mulched island landscapes by floating the hoses to the desired areas.  Call us to see what we can do for you.

(260) 490-9838





Lanscape beds before application

After a MulchWorx service