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If you do choose to have your lawn installed with sod, don’t forget about MulchWorx for your pre-installation soil amendment.  You don’t want to pay the high cost for sod and just place it on the hard clay.  Sod needs a good base to insure its roots take hold and prospers in the future.  Placing sod on clay or other poor surfaces is like buying the best diamond and taping it to your wife’s hand.  If you are going to fork over the hard cash for sod you must insure it has the necessary nutrients it needs to survive. Sod placed on a clay surface comes with some potential problems such as:

  • The sod will have to be watered more than normal due to the inability for clay to hold moisture well
  • Irrigation with professional sprinklers will probably become a necessity
  • The sod will have to be fertilized often due to the inability for clay to hold and disperse nutrients into the roots of the sod
  • Sod has exposed root system which needs to be placed on a surface that can accommodate its excessive needs
  • Sod has the risk of burning out during a heavy drought or heat wave during summer months.

MulchWorx has the ability to blow-in composted soil over the entire area where sod will be placed.  This process is non destructive to the land and can be blown in just prior to the sod installation.  This bedding is close to or better than the soil the sod was cut from at the farm and compost holds a host of nutrients and moisture much better than clay.  MulchWorx has the ability to inject its fertilizer and natural polymer into the soil to further stimulate the sod.  The polymer will remain in the soil for up to 8 years giving the sod the extra moisture it needs due to its ability to hold up to 300 times its weight in water.  Lets face it, if you are going to pay for the sod why not insure its survival and beauty for years to come with composted bedding blown- in by MulchWorx.

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